Augeas Keratin Smooth Hair Shampoo 450ml


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  • Moisturizing
  • Refreshing
  • Nourish

Gently cleans while infusing each hair strands, leaving hair soft and smooth.

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Augeas Keratin Smooth Hair Shampoo 450ml contains moisturizing and color protection formula, repairs hair scales, deep repairs the hair core, improves the hollow core that is frequently damaged by hot dyeing, realizes the strength of the hair, and makes the hair exude soft and bright from the depth of the core.


One of the key advantages of this shampoo is its ability to tame frizz and control unruly hair. Frizz occurs when the hair cuticles are raised and moisture from the air penetrates the hair shaft. The keratin in this shampoo helps to smooth down the cuticles, creating a protective barrier that locks in moisture and prevents frizz. This results in sleek, shiny, and more manageable hair, even in humid conditions.

How to use Keratin Smooth Shampoo?:

After wetting your hair, apply an appropriate amount of Augeas Keratin Smooth Hair Shampoo 450ml on to the hair with the palm of your hand. Massage gently with your scalp rich for 3–5 minutes at fingertips foam. If necessary, rinse with warm water. It can be repeated once. Use with Augeas Keratin Smooth Conditioner for better results.


Avoid contact with eyes. If you accidentally get this product into the eyes, please rinse with clean water. Please keep this shampoo out of reach of infants and young children. Avoid eating. Store in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

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