Fliss Skin Serum 40ml


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Fliss Skin Serum 40ml is soft and easy to penetrate, so that the skin is soft and delicate.  The cherry blossoms are rich in skin care and nutrients. It is rich in vitamin C and other nutrients. Removes dullness and gives skin a radiant glow to create a vibrant and delicate life.


One of the standout benefits of this serum is its ability to penetrate deep into the skin. The lightweight texture allows it to reach the skin’s deeper layers, where it can be most effective. This deep penetration means that it can deliver visible results faster than other skincare products.

This lightweight, fast-absorbing formulation is packed with potent active ingredients that can transform your complexion.

  • Water based
  • Oriental cherry + vitamin C
  • Anti-allergic radiant glow

How to use:

Apply generous amount of Fliss Skin Serum after applying toner to the palm and gently apply it to the face to absorb. For better results it can be used in facial and skin polishing.


Keep this product out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact with eyes occur, flush eyes immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Store in a cool & dry place away from heat and direct sunlight. For external use only.

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