BK Keraplex Professional Caviar Treatment 2 1000ml


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BK Keraplex Professional Caviar Treatment 2 eliminates frizz and repairs damaged hair.


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BK Keraplex Professional Caviar Treatment 2: This product is subversive of the traditional restructuring of renewable keratin silky care. It is combined with 45% of nano keratin and 55% of the liposomes composite active ingredients. Deep penetration. Repair damaged fragile hair. Control the natural curly hair. Resistance to frizz. Transforms hair to straight, smooth, shiny and glossy.

How to use BK Keraplex Caviar treatment?: 

  1. Wash hair using BK Keraplex Keratin Shampoo to open up the cuticles and deep clean hair, wash hair 2-3 times for better performance.
  2. Dry hair to 60-70% and apply the premium BK Keraplex Treatment starting from the nape, emulsify hair and comb through to remove excess solution.
  3. Leave solution on the hair for 20 minutes or less. Do not leave the solution longer as this will dry the hair.
  4. Blow dry hair 100% with medium heat setting. Flat iron the hair section by section to activate the product and close the hair cuticles. For better results, set the iron to 230C for healthy and frizzy hair and lower the heat depending on hair condition. Pass over each section 6 or more times for curly or kinky hair.
  5. Leave hair for 1-3 days for curly/kinky hair. It is suggested not to wash hair for 2-3 days.
  6. For better results, wash hair with BK Keraplex Sulfate Free Anti Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner.

Things to remember:

  1. Stylist should wear protective gloves at all times it is also recommended that both stylist and clients should wear protective eye wear and mask for optimal protection.
  2. Do not use BK Keraplex Professional Caviar Treatment 2 on pregnant women, children, and elderly chemically sensitive skin and clients with respiratory problems.
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