Secret Fragrance Hair Color

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Secret Fragrance Hair Color delivers true and radiant 3 in 1 color with permanent, semi-permanent, and demi translucent results.

Developer not included, you have to purchase it separately.


Quantity: 90g

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Secret Fragrance Hair Color delivers true and radiant 3 in 1 color with permanent, semi-permanent, and demi translucent results. You can have everything you need from one tube of color. It gives long-lasting results and great hair conditioning for the ultimate color experience.

  • This product contains natural plant essences that protect your hair from ultraviolet rays.
  • Using gentle formula with extremely low ammonia and zero phenlyenediamine, non-irritating, and non-sticky to the scalp.
  • It provides superb grey hair coverage, remarkable color expression, and long-lasting color.
  • The mixing proportion is 1:1 or 1 part of color cream to 1 part of peroxide.

How to use:

Mix Secret Fragrance Hair Color with Secret Fragrance Developer at the ratio of 1:1.


Leading technology ensures that this product contains plenty of plant essence extracts with no allergy causing elements such as ammonia. The super mild formula is doubly anti-allergic and especially suitable for used in a fashionably high class lifestyle. Provides a better experience for people who frequent coloring in long term. This very healthy hair color product dedicates to silky and naturally shiny hair. It instantly repairs hair cuticles when dyeing, highlights natural hair color, and makes hair more manageable, bright and persistently vigorous. For professional hair salon use only.

Patch test:

For professional use only. This product contains ingredients that may cause skin irritation. Before using, please complete a preliminary test according to the enclosed direction. Do not use this product to dye eyelashes or eyebrows, doing so may cause blindness.

Wash a small area of skin inside he elbow with alcohol. Apply a small amount of the coloring from the tube onto the skin surface. Repeat 2-3 times and allow to dry. Do not wash this area for 48 hours. If there is no reddening or allergic reaction after this time, follow the standard preparation instructions before use.


For professional use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid all risks. Do not use this product when there is any allergic reaction.

  • Do not use if you have an allergic reaction to the hair dye.
  • Do not use if you have itchy or damaged scalp.
  • Do not use if you are uncomfortable, before coloring your hair again, please consult a doctor.

Rinse immediately if the product comes in contact with the eyes. If wearing contact lenses, remove and rinse with water instantly. Do not use to dye eyelashes or eyebrows. Do not apply beyond the recommended time. Rinse your hair thoroughly after dyeing or perming. Do not allow the hair to dry. Keep the hair color in a cool, well ventilated place.

Additional information

Secret Fragrance Shades

0.00 White, 0.11 Ash, 0.22 Violet, 0.33 Yellow, 0.43 Orange, 0.66 Red, 0.88 Blue, 0.99 Green, 10.0 Intense Lightest Blonde, 3.0 Dark Brown, 4.0 Intense Medium Brown, 4.75 Copper Mahogany Brown, 4.77 Warm Brown, 5.0 Intense Light Brown, 5.20 Intense Violet Brown, 5.41 Soft Autumn Chestnut, 5.43 Deep Copper, 5.5 Rich Mahogany, 5.74 Light Brown, 6.0 Intense Dark Blonde, 6.1 Dark Ash Blonde, 6.3 Dark Golden Blonde, 6.34 Deep Copper Golden, 6.41 Soft Autumn Red, 6.43 Medium Copper, 6.5 Mahogany, 6.66 Damson, 6.75 Medium Red Brown, 7.0 Intense Medium Blonde, 7.20 Flowery Purple, 7.3 Golden Blonde, 7.33 Golden Yellow, 7.34 Medium Copper Golden, 7.41 Soft Flame Red, 7.43 Medium Copper Brown, 7.44 Warm Blonde, 7.66 Light Damson, 8.0 Intense Light Blonde, 8.1 Light Ash Blonde, 8.3 Medium Golden Blonde, 8.33 Light Golden Yellow, 8.34 Lightest Copper, 8.41 Sunset Pearl Red, 8.43 Celtic Copper, 9.0 Intense Very Light Blonde, 9.33 Very Light Golden Yellow

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