Keune Tinta Hair Color


Keune Tinta Hair Color with sea silk protein and UV Protection. For professional use only.


Note: Does not contain developer

Quantity: 60ml

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Keune Tinta Hair Color with sea silk protein and UV Protection.

Safety Instructions:

For professional use only. Always read the safety instructions and follow directions for use carefully. The product is not intended for use on persons under the age of 16.

Hair colorants can cause severe allergic reactions. Do not color if your client:

  • has a rash on their face or sensitive, irritated and damaged scalp
  • experienced any reaction after coloring their hair
  • has experienced a reaction to temporary *black henna* tattoo in the past

Important safety instructions:

A sensitivity test must be done 48 hours before application of this product.

Mix a small amount of chonse Keune Tinta Hair Color with Keune cream developer as described under mixing instructions. Apply a small amount of the mixture to a 1-2 cm clean area on the forearm. Leave uncovered for 45 minutes. Rinse well with lukewarm water. Leave test area undisturbed for 48 hours. If there are any rash, redness swelling, burning, itching or similar, the product must not be applied and the client must seek medical advice before coloring the hair again. If these signs occur during the 45 minute application time, rinse immediately.

Do not apply a sensitivity test for tinta color 2000.

If during coloring clients experience:

  • Any stinging or burning and/or rash rinse immediately and discontinue use as this maybe an indication of a more serious reaction. Do not color their hair again and advise the client to consult a doctor or seeks medical advice
  • Rapidly spreading skin rash, dizziness or faintness, shortness of breath and/or swelling to eyes/face, rinse immediately and have client seek immediate medical attention and contact the manufacturer.
  • If after coloring or on the following days the client experiences problems such ad skin or scalp itching, skin or scalp rash, swelling to eyes/face, blistering and/or skin or scalp weeping. Have client seek immediate medical attention and contact the manufacturer.


Wear suitable gloves during application or rinsing of the product. Do not use to dye eyelashes or eyebrows. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact with eyes occur, flush eyes immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Store in a cool and dry place away from heat and direct sunlight. For external use only.

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Keune Tinta Shade

7.32 Medium Beige Blonde, 7.35 Medium Choco Blonde, 7.38 Medium Hazelnut Blonde

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