Keratin Hair Care Balance Hair Mask 1000ml


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Keratin Hair Care Balance Hair Mask with a variety of natural plant essence rapidly repairs and nourish the damaged and coarse hair.

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Keratin Hair Care Balance Hair Mask 1000ml rapidly repairs and nourish the damaged and coarse hair. It contains natural moisture holding factor, keratin and minerals, Vitamin B5 and restoration essence factor, can penetrate into hair cortex.

Keratin Hair Care Balance Hair Mask 1000ml is a reconstructive cream rich in green keratin that restores hair thickness. Its concentrated formula works effectively throughout the hair, reconstructing hair and providing a gradual increase in hair strength, shine, and softness. It is developed with the latest technology combined with highly moisturizing agents that leave hair more nourished, manageable and beautiful. It is a daily system of care formulated with green keratin, an active derivative of plants to be resistant to water remains for longer in the hair-raising the level of reconstruction and leaving the hair completely treated and strengthened.
Complete hair recovery.

  • Concentrated formula helps reconstruct hair.
  • Gradually helps increase hair strength and shine.
  • Helps restore hair thickness.

Nourishing and smoothing cyperus esculentus is a perennial plant from the papyrus family used since Ancient Egypt. At that time, this plant grew on the riverside of the sacred Nile and symbolized prosperity and fertility of soils. Its rhizomes form small brownish tubers when reaching maturing that are very rich in fatty acids and polar lipids. They are then harvested and finely ground to obtain a golden fluid oil that contains active molecules. This oil, then emulsified, is at the origin of lianshang papyrus milk.

Luscious, rich and delicately scented, the lianshang hair mask with papyrus milk penetrates at the heart of the hair to nourish and durably smooth very dry and unruly hair. Rich with smoothing agents, the mask blends into the hair for intense smoothing, hair-relaxing and volume-control effect. Intensely nourished, smooth and well-behaved, hair is silky and shiny. Hair volume is under control and styling is made easier.


Use this keratin hair care balance hair mask 1000ml once a week as an intense treatment or more frequently in the case of damaged hair. For better results, leave on for 20 minutes, enveloping the hair with a warm towel, then rinse off.

Apply generously onto rinsed and towel-dried hair lengths and ends previously washed with shampoo with papyrus milk. The rich and creamy texture of the hair mask blends into the hair for a deep-nourishing and untangling action. Leave on for 5 minutes, then comb and thoroughly wash the hair.


Keep this product out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact with eyes occur, flush eyes immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.

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