Freecia Professional Hair Color


Freecia Professional Hair Color enhances the transmission of color, revives dull color and perfectly obtains fine color pigment.


Note: Developer not included


Quantity: 100ml


Country of Origin: Canada

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Freecia Professional Hair Color utilizes advance innovative color infusing technology, enhances the transmission of color, revives dull color and perfectly obtains fine color pigment. Combines with natural fruit extract to protect hair to anti-damage during coloring, leave hair more lustrous and healthy. This product is permanent hair cream which contains natural botanic ingredients. The unique formula provides your hair more elasticity and sheen, makes hair smooth and bright, forms a natural safeguard on hair surface. Color easily and ensure coverage of grey hair up to 100%.

How to use Freecia Color?:

Mix Freecia Professional Hair Color with Freecia Professional Developer at the ratio of 1:1. For shades higher than level 8, the recommended ratio is 1:1.5. Leave the mixture on hair for 30 minutes. If the room temperature is above 24C, heating is not needed.


For professional use only. Wear suitable gloves before application. Hair use only. An allergy test is a must before dyeing. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately and consult a doctor. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use to dye eyelashes and eyebrows. Please do not use to color a beard or mustache or any purpose other than coloring the hair. If contact lenses are worn, they should be removed before rinsing the eyes thoroughly with water. Do not inhale or ingest. Rinse hair well after application.

Additional information

Freecia Shade

0/00 Lift Cream, 0/11 Ash, 0/22 Green, 0/33 Gold, 0/43 Copper, 0/45 Red, 0/66 Violet, 0/88 Blue, 10/0 Extra Light Natural Blonde, 10/1 Extra Light Ash Blonde, 10/10 Extra Light Violet Ash Blonde, 10/13 Extra Light Ash Golden Blonde, 10/16 Extra Light Lavender Blonde, 10/31 Extra Light Golden Ash Blonde, 10/43 Extra Light Copper Golden Blonde, 10/70 Extra Light Coffee Blonde, 10/77 Extra Light Chocolate Blonde, 12/7 Ultra Light Olive Blonde, 130/0 Blonding Cream, 2/0 Black, 3/0 Dark Natural Brown, 4/0 Medium Natural Brown, 4/5 Medium Mahogany Brown, 44/70 Medium Coffee Brown, 5/0 Light Natural Brown, 5/11 Light Intense Ash Brown, 5/3 Light Golden Brown, 5/4 Light Copper Brown, 5/45 Light Red Brown, 55/70 Light Coffee Brown, 55/77 Light Chocolate Brown, 6/0 Dark Natural Blonde, 6/1 Dark Ash Blonde, 6/10 Dark Violet Ash Blonde, 6/11 Dark Intense Ash Blonde, 6/12 Dark Seafoam Blue Blonde, 6/13 Dark Ash Golden Blonde, 6/2 Dark Beige Blonde, 6/21 Dark Beige Ash Brown, 6/41 Dark Copper Ash Blonde, 6/5 Dark Mahogany Blonde, 6/66 Dark Violet Blonde, 7/0 Medium Natural Blonde, 7/11 Medium Intense Ash Blonde, 7/12 Medium Seafoam Blue Blonde, 7/13 Medium Ash Golden Blonde, 7/3 Medium Golden Blonde, 7/31 Medium Golden Ash Blonde, 7/4 Medium Copper Blonde, 7/41 Medium Copper Ash Blonde, 7/43 Medium Copper Golden Blonde, 7/45 Medium Red Blonde, 7/66 Medium Violet Blonde, 77/70 Medium Coffee Blonde, 77/77 Medium Chocolate Blonde, 8/0 Light Natural Blonde, 8/1 Light Ash Blonde, 8/11 Light Intense Ash Blonde, 8/12 Light Seafoam Blue Blonde, 8/13 Light Ash Golden Blonde, 8/16 Light Lavender Blonde, 8/2 Light Beige Blonde, 8/21 Light Beige Ash Blonde, 8/3 Light Golden Blonde, 8/41 Light Copper Ash Blonde, 8/43 Light Copper Golden Blonde, 88/81 Midnight Blue, 9/0 Very Light Natural Blonde, 9/11 Very Light Intense Ash Blonde, 9/3 Very Light Golden Blonde, 9/31 Very Light Golden Ash Blonde, 9/4 Very Light Copper Blonde, 9/41 Very Light Copper Ash Blonde, 99/13 Smoke Grey, 99/70 Lavender Blue, H45 Highlight Red, H66 Highlight Violet, H90 Highlight Blonde, 4/66 Medium Violet Brown, 4/77 Medium Mocha Brown, 5/7 Light Khaki Brown, 5/77 Light Mocha Brown, 6/43 Dark Copper Golden Blonde, 6/7 Dark Khaki Blonde, 6/77 Dark Mocha Blonde, 7/2 Medium Beige Blonde, 7/7 Medium Khaki Blonde, 7/77 Medium Mocha Blonde, 8/10 Light Violet Ash Blonde, 8/68 Light Violet Blonde

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    Good quality.
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