Dr. CPU Hydrafacial Serum 30ml


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Dr. CPU Hydrafacial Serum 30ml consists of:

  • Super AS1 Cleanse Exfoliate Hydrate – 30ml
  • Super SA2 Oil Contra Exfoliate Hydrate – 30ml
  • Super A03 Vitamin-C Serum Hydrate – 30ml

Super AS1:

The main ingredients of Super AS1 are lactic acid, which promotes the regeneration of collagen. It can remove impurities and keratin gently and without irritation. Co-ordinated plant extracts minimises skin irritations.

The Dr. CPU Super AS1 30ml solution is suitable for normal skin and is moisturizing, stimulates the formation of new skin cells through gentle peeling and repairs the old skin structure.

Super SA2:

The main ingredients of Super SA2 is salicylic acid. Due to the intensive action of salicylic acid on oily skin, the skin can be easily cleansed and acne can be prevented. It also contains natural moisturizing ingredients to soothe the skin.

The Dr. CPU Super SA2 solution is suitable for oily skin and helps to effectively reduce acne. It soothes the skin and inhibits sebum production.

Super A03:

The main ingredients of Super AO3 are a glycerin solution, soy extract, green tea extract and cypress leaf extract. These penetrate deep into the skin, specifically restore damaged skin cells, help effectively in regeneration, improve the skin’s immunity, moisturize and inhibit melanin formation.

The Dr. CPU Super AO3 30ml solution is suitable for all skin types. It strengthens the immunity of the skin and prevents dehydration.

Dr. CPU Hydrafacial Serum 30ml concentrated solutions are suitable for Dermabrasion and Hydra Facial machines. For all skin types.

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