Dermacos Smoothing Toner 500ml


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Dermacos Smoothing Toner exfoliate, degrease, decongest and lighten to give skin a more even tone and provides soothing and nourishment.


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Dermacos Smoothing Toner 500ml is more than a toner with its therapeutic AHA and BHA. Containing ingredients will exfoliate, degrease, decongest and lighten to give skin a more even tone and smoother feel. This highly nutritive toner provides excellent soothing, nourishing and cooling effects. With deep skin penetration enhancers, it drops in deep pore to prevent skin moisture loss. Just as a diet rich in nourishing berries helps maintain flawlessly smooth skin. This alcohol-free formula returns the complexion to its ideal pH, priming skin for nourishment and hydration.

Unique Features & Benefits:

  • Combats free radicals for smooth and radiant looking.
  • Diminishes the appearance of pores for a refined appearance.
  • Visibly improves skin’s overall texture, degrease and firmness.
  • Dual-purpose toner exfoliates and balances skin pH.
  • Helps to calm skin, having nutritive & nourishing effects.


  • 100% botanical – 100% tested – 100% no side effects.
  • For professional use only or as advised by the beautician.
  • Do not use on wounds on porn skin.
  • Wash your hands before use.
  • Apply only on cleansed skin.
  • If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

How to use this smoothing toner?:

Apply Dermacos Smoothing Toner 500ml on cleansed skin twice daily with a cotton ball. For sensitive skin types, dilute the cotton ball with water the first week of usage. Use sun block daily and avoid long exposure to the sun.

Suitable for all skin types.

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