Shine Beauty Facial Set


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  1. Shine Beauty Firming Massage Cream
  2. Shine Beauty Multani Matti Mask
  3. Shin Beauty Haldi Chandan Urgent facial
  4. Shine Beauty Skin Polish
  5. Shine Beauty Whitening Mask
  6. Shine Beauty Cleansing Milk
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Shine Beauty Facial Set

Shine Beauty Facial Set consists of:


Firming Massage Cream:

Has the properties of glycerine, petroleum jelly, so it can potentially be the best moisturizing cream in extreme dry weather. It also has minerals in its ingredients which helps to reduce dry patches and darker tone, so with the use of Shine Beauty Firming Massage Cream you can make your skin tone lighter and fresh. It hydrates your skin and make it fresh, glowing and younger looking. Regular massage of this cream helps to replenish the scars, and reduce the friction of skin and rejuvenate your skin. It makes skin soft, smooth and make your tone lighter.

How to use: Wash your hands, apply cream to your neck & face and massage gently for 10-15 minutes, then wash with tap water.

Multani Mitti Mask:

It is a natural element and is a good remedy for skin and can be used to clean, tone the skin and most importantly it is being used as a facial mask. It helps to remove the dead cells of skin, making space for it to breath. As multani mitti is very rich in magnesium chloride, it helps to reduce acne as well. It has no side effects as it is a natural. It effectively absorbs oil, sebum, dirt, and impurities, leaving the skin clean, soft and radiant. The multani mitti fights against blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes, freckles, and acne spots. It is also used to soothe the redness, sunburn and flaming irritation as it is a cooling agent. By removing the acne, blemishes, and impurities. It makes the skin glowing, as well as improves the texture of skin. It acts as a cleanser and brightens the face immediately.

How to use: Apply a thin layer of the Shine Beauty Multani Mitti Mask on the face and leave it for at least half an hour. The longer it stays on the face, the best it gives the results. Afterwards, wash off with water thoroughly. No side effects at all.

Haldi Chandan Urgent Facial:

Has soothing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a natural skin coolant, which reduces skin irritations and its fragrance alleviates the mood. Haldi has antibacterial properties, which help in reducing acne, acne marks and pigmentation. Haldi contains curcumin, which is an anti-inflammatory ingredient. So combining the two potent ingredients Haldi Chandan Urgent Facial will be beneficial for the skin whether it is in arresting acne or reducing acne marks or pigmentation or reducing the skin irritation.

How to use: Give thin coating apply on face, neck, and massage gently two minutes with wet fingers afterwards, wash off with face wash.

Skin Polish:

Makes your skin tone lighter, really fresh and smooth. This Polish rejuvenates your skin, even if the skin is dull and unappealing. Sun rays and dirt make your skin harsh and dull, so the use of shine beauty skin Polish hydrates your skin, removes dead skin cells, even the tone of skin, leaving it radiant and silkier. It helps skin leaving it remove the dirt accumulation that are clogging the skin pres and prevents the cracking of skin in the future. This 4-in-1 skin polish is a complete formula that has no allergic reactions. It allows your skin to be healthy and lighter complexion.

How to use: Apply carefully with a brush on face and neck. After 12-15 minutes, was off with fresh water.

Whitening Mask:

Gets rid of blemishes by using purifying clay to absorb impurities, minimize breakouts and reduce excess surface oil. Skin calming botanical soothe current breakouts and nourish the skin with anti-oxidants. Plus, zinc promote clear and healthy skin.

How to use: Apply a thin coating of shine beauty whitening face mask in face and neck and wait for five minutes until it becomes hard, then wash off with face wash. It is a light cream formula to give tired lusterless complexion refreshed radiant appearance. It helps to maintain elasticity, fights fine lines, wrinkles and strengthens resistance to environmental damage.

Cleansing Milk:

Best for deep cleansing of dirt & impurities from your skin also it hydrates and dry the skin. It is best for removing makeup deeply and make your skin fresh & healthy. Shine Beauty Cleansing Milk can make the dry skin fresh by replenishing the lost moisturizing factors. Multitasking ingredients like coconut oil provides vitamin E support, moisturize and softening effects to the skin. It also soothes sunburn with the help of anti-inflammatory, moisturization and skin repairing properties.

How to use: Wash your hands, apply cleansing milk to your neck & face and massage gently for 10-15 minutes, then wash with tap water.

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