Augeas Argan Oil Hair Mask


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Augeas Argan Oil Shiny & Smooth Hair Mask restores and conditions weak, damaged, and over-processed hair.


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Augeas Argan Oil Hair Mask Deep conditioning Mask Treatment for coarse, hard to manage damaged hair. A perfect balance of all natural extract that together improve hair’s texture, softness, adding hydrolyzed keratin forms a protective film to shield out the outer damaging causes. Augeas Argan Oil Hair Mask restores and conditions weak, damaged, and over-processed hair. This premium quality restorative hair care product contains a balance of all natural extracts that promotes improved texture, softness, manageability, and shine.


One of the standout features of this argan oil hair mask is its ability to strengthen hair and reduce breakage. By delivering essential nutrients directly to the hair shaft, argan oil promotes resilience and helps fortify the hair against the stresses of styling, heat, and environmental factors. This makes it a valuable choice for those seeking to improve the health and durability of their hair.

How to use:

Apply generous amount of mask to hair and massage through from roots to end. Wait for 5 – 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Use once or twice-weekly.


Avoid contact with eyes. If contact with eyes occur, flush eyes immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Please keep it out of reach of infants and young children, avoid eating. Store in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight.


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